PRIDE is the best English speaking institute. The beauty of PRIDE courses multi famous makes it applicable not only for students but also for professionals who work in private or government organizations and want fluency and complete command over the English language and personality development.


1)Are you finding it hard to get your dream job?

2)Are you unable to get promotion at work ?

3)Are you feeling shy while speaking in English?

4)Are you unable to express yourself in front of others?

5)Are you unable to achieve your goals?

6)Do you want to seek attention in a crowd?

7)Do you want to be charismatic, dynamic and flamboyant personality?

8)Do you want to clear your interview in one go?

9)Do you want to make more money than anyone in your circle?

10)Do you want to develop an utterly unstoppable confidence.

Why choose PRIDE?


As we know that English communication is a must for carrier growth because it is the primary language in the office. Most people find it very difficult to speak English because it is not our mother tongue


At Pride we offer you expert advice because we spend a lot of time in research and experiments. We understand that speaking English is the most important role in your life. We only help you achieve your goal.

You will find trainers constantly involved with the progress of the students who want to speak fluent English. We understand that not everyone can learn English speaking at the same pace. Different people learn to speak in different ways. Learning English is not like learning mathematics in which formulas can be memorized or learnt and problems can be solved. Learning English is like learning how to drive. Being fluent in English Speaking is like having a lot of English deep into your subconscious mind. There are various ways to make that happen. At Impact in Delhi we use all of those ways to make you learn English quickly.

During our research we realized that the most effective ways of learning English are very impractical for any existing English learning institute to follow. We worked on it and made it happen at Impact.

At our institute in Delhi, learning English is fun. The English trainers and students are always motivated, energetic and happy. We understand how important staying motivated and happy is. We use innovative exercises and training methods. The English classes and courses are ingenious and dynamic. The students always have something new to work on. That keeps them continuously interested in Learning English. We can proudly say that English learners at Impact learn English at least twice as fast as any other institute in Delhi.

We provide online classes
to the students all over the
world by using different techniques.

Individuals covered under the course:

1)Working Individual Businessmen
2) Housewives
3)Students (school going and college going both)
4)Immigrants to other countries who are in the need of communication skills.
5)Schools and colleges

Best About PRIDE

  • Individual Attention
  • Small Batches
  • Innovative, Interesting and Flexible Teaching Methods
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Strict Discipline
  • Flexible Batch Timings
  • Expert Trainer
  • Our English Institute uses its own study material prepared by learned and experienced teachers
  • Weekly test to help students get exposure
  • Regular information of Batches
  • Affordable Fee structure
  • We only help you achieve your potential in the best way possible


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Strategy planning

Learning English is not like taking 5 to 10 hours classes in a week and you are done with it. It’s about using the language in your day to day communication. Only then the classes will help you to reach your goals.


There should be something that triggers your action. The best thing to do here is to find a habit that you already practice and make it your trigger for the new habit that you are trying to create.


Action here means that you practice your new habit.Listening to the song, singing along if that’s your goal.


The best and easiest thing to do is celebrate. Make yourself feel happy.Happiness released in your brain and body by doing a little dance also the sense of accomplishment