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A Gift For Mother

Nisha and Geeta were two sisters. Nisha studied in Class 5, and Geeta studied in Class 4. Two girls loved their family a lot. They had their parents and grandmother in their family.

One day, both sisters were studying in their room. Suddenly, Geeta remembered something. She said, “Didi, do you remember what is special about next week?” Nisha answered, “No, I don’t. What is it?”

Geeta replied, “It’s mother’s birthday. Don’t you think we should present her a gift?

“Of course dear. We should give her something. But what should it be? We don’t have enough money to buy a dress for her,” said Nisha.

Both the girls became thoughtful. They decided to take the advice of their grandmother. Grandmother also thought for some time and said, “I have got an idea. But you two must work hard to prepare that gift for your mother.” “OK, grandma, we will do whatever you tell us,” said the two sisters.

Grandmother and the two girls used to do something in their room for long hours. Whenever mother used to come to their room, they used to hide something and smile at her. The mother was also confused that what the three were up to.

One day, mother prepared delicious cheese sandwiches for Nisha and Geeta. Then she called the two sisters  from the kitchen, “C’mon girls, hurry up. Sandwiches are getting cold.” But the girls were busy in their room The mother was again surprised. Both sisters loved to eat cheese sandwich and today, they didn’t even care to answer the call.

At last, the day came when it was mother’s birthday. That morning, Nisha and Geeta woke up early. Then, they beautifully packed up the gift and tied it up with a colorful ribbon. Then they quietly went into their parent’s room and kept the gift near their mother’s pillow. Then they came bake to their room and started getting ready for their school. When the mother woke up, the first thing she saw was a lovely gift that was lying near pillow. She was surprised and showed it she found a beautiful handmade apron. She got up and went to her daughters’ room. “Thank you, you naughty girls. You have prepared such a lovely gift for me. I really liked it very much. But how you made it? Who taught you?”
The two sisters looked at each other smilingly and said, “Grandma gave us the idea to make an apron for you. When you cook for us, your dresses get dirty. So we thought that this would be the best gift for you. Grandma gave us a piece of cloth and also taught us how to stitch an apron.”

The mother thanked the grandmother and hugged her daughters lovingly. She said happily, “This is the best gift that I have ever received.”