Advanced Vocabulary 3

1. TACITURN: Reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

  • After such gatherings she would be taciturn and morose.
  • My boss is taciturn in nature. I don’t know if that’s how he is at home also.
  • When I was a young boy I was quite taciturn in front of strangers.
  • Come on now. Don’t be so taciturn. Tell us about what you think.
  • She is taciturn with everyone in office except her team members.

2. UNEQUIVOCAL: Leaving no doubt; unambiguous.

  • This book is full of unequivocal examples.
  • His speech was not only eloquent but also unequivocal. I am impressed.
  • Thank you for being so unequivocal. Your thoughts have inspired all of us.
  • We try to give unequivocal examples to make sure that everyone understands them well.
  • That leader is unequivocal in expressing his contempt towards corruption.

3. ICONOCLASTIC: Criticizing or attacking cherished beliefs or institutions.

  • You cannot be truthful without being a little iconoclastic.
  • There are many iconoclastic film makers and their films push the boundaries with the questions they raise.
  • When you become iconoclastic you risk being criticized by most of the people.
  • They only say that they are modern and iconoclastic because their actions are orthodox.
  • Most of the great people in the world have been iconoclastic in their respective field.

4. TYRO: A beginner at learning something; novice

  • This boy is skilled at guitar but at his age he is still a tyro.
  • When you start learning something, you are a tyro at beginning but you become skilled after some time.
  • I was scared of public speaking I was a tyro but not anymore.
  • By reading books you can turn yourself from a tyro into a knowledgeable person.
  • Right now you are a tyro but with proper training you will become experts.

5. CAVALIER: Showing haughty disregard.

  • He had a cavalier attitude towards his fans.
  • He is an awesome person if he can control his cavalier behaviour.
  • What are you feeling so cavalier about?
  • These are nice people, plz don’t be cavalier with them.
  • I was irritated by her cavalier attitude.

6. ANOMALOUS: Abnormal, freakish, not normal or standard.

  • Her anomalous behaviour was noticed by everyone.
  • What’s the reason behind superman’s anomalous strength.
  • People were full of anomalous energy at the game last night.
  • Pride teaches you English with an anomalous speed.
  • She was wearing an anomalous dress at the party.

7. POSTHUMOUS: Occurring after the death of the originator.

  • Writers and poets usually become more popular posthumous.
  • Sometimes some people write some books but they are published only after their death. These are called posthumous books.
  • His wife gave birth to a posthumous child.
  • Only two people have received the nobel prize posthumous.
  • Heath Ledger received numerous posthumous awards for his performance in the movie “The Dark Knight”.

8. GREGARIOUS: Fond of company, Sociable.

  • Gregarious people are most dependable and trustworthy.
  • A wolf is a gregarious animal. It likes to live in a pack.
  • As a child she was gregarious, but became solitary as she grew up.
  • Dolphins are gregarious. You can see a large herd following ships often.
  • Indians are thought to be gregarious and happy.

9. PHLEGMATIC: Having an unemotional and calm disposition.

  • Not all laconic people are phlegmatic.
  • That trainer is almost phlegmatic in life but the moment he starts a presentation he transforms.
  • She is a woman of phlegmatic temperament.
  • The prisoner looks phlegmatic but I won’t go near him.
  • There is a particular calm and this forest looks phlegmatic.

10. INVETERATE: Having a particular habit, activity or interest that is long established and unlikely to change.

  • That boy is an inveterate thief.
  • As a child I developed an inveterate habit of reading.
  • He started playing golf in his free time and now he is an inveterate golfer.
  • She will never quit – she is an inveterate smoker.
  • I have an inveterate habit of brushing my teeth before I go to bed.