Advanced Vocabulary 9

1. SPORADIC: Occurring at irregular intervals.

  • Because Sam’s effort at school is only sporadic his grades tend to be erratic.
  • A successful life is made of sporadic failures and successes.
  • You should try to control your sporadic mood swings.
  • If you work sporadically then your clients will lose their trust in you, they should be able to depend on you.
  • His sporadic visits often troubled her family.

2. ADROIT: Skillful, adept

  • People in India are adroit at learning languages.
  • A trainer has to be adroit at not just the subject at hand but also at training.
  • People who are adroit at English are those who speak it regularly..
  • Don’t argue with him. he has an eloquent and adroit tongue.
  • An adroit person learns how to manage his time well.

3. RESPLENDENT: Glorious, radiant, beautiful

  • A peacock’s tail is both splendid and resplendent.
  • She looked resplendent in the red dress.
  • His resplendent personality is effective in alluring people towards him.
  • The way she speaks makes her look even more resplendent.

The pictures from her new photoshoot are resplendent.

4. AMEND: To change, revise or fix

  • If you want to mend the constitution you must amend it with an amendment.
  • New situations require you to amend your policies.
  • Scientific theories are not always correct, scientists amend them all the time.
  • The MP’s amended the new bill to make it more practical.
  • Can I amend my order to a higher quantity.

5. AMASS: To gather, accumulate

  • Arnold was able to amass a huge mass of muscles.
  • Great wealth is amassed over a long period of time.
  • The lawyers amassed a lot of evidence against me.
  • I have amassed a huge number of books in my library.
  • He is the greatest stamp collector, he has amassed stamps from all over the world.

6. RETROACTIVE: Active to a point in the past

  • The retroactive laws are a joke as they undermine the system of law.
  • Indian parliament passed a retroactive law which was later abolished.
  • We do not accept retroactive applications in our office.
  • The retroactive pricing on oil is just another way to make money.

7. SKEPTICAL: Tending to doubt

  • A skeptic is a skeptical person who indulges in skepticism.
  • When I am skeptical about implementing a new idea, I always follow my instinct.
  • Don’t be skeptical about this, make up your mind quickly and give it a try.
  • Although I liked his plan, I was skeptical about his intention
  • I was skeptical in the beginning, but now I am sure.

8. SERVILE: Like a servant, submissive

  • Some servants are quite servile.
  • Field work is usually performed by a servile class.
  • Being servile is in the nature of week sections of the society.
  • He was poor, uneducated, hungry and tired, but not servile.
  • The kings of Europe often turned servile when facing the victorious kings after the war.

9. AMIABLE: Friendly, personable

  • Ami is able to be friends with everyone because she is amiable.
  • Being amiable is a very good quality. It will make you a subject of adulation.
  • I noticed that people in villages are more amiable than in cities.
  • When you are amiable and friendly with others they respond in kind.
  • There is no need to be so amiable with strangers.

10. RETICENT: Quiet

  • A person who is shy, retiring, and disinclined to put his two cents on a topic is considered reticent.
  • If you will be reticent in the interviews, it will be hard for you to get a job.
  • She has a strange effect on me. When she is with me I become so reticent it becomes hard for me to express myself.
  • The minister is reticent on the subject of price rise.
  • As usual, the reticent lawyer lost the case. He just couldn’t speak in front of the judge.