Advanced Vocabulary 5

1. BRUSQUE: Short, abrupt, dismissive

  • Your brusque manner often offends your friends.
  • Because of his brusque manner he often finds himself in problems.
  • His manner is usually brusque and sometimes overbearing.
  • Sometimes we all have brusque thoughts in our mind.
  • That teacher is always brusque with his students.

2. CALLOUS: Harsh, cold, unfeeling

  • The murderer’s callous lack of remorse shocked the jury.
  • Nobody should be callous with children as they don’t hurt anyone intentionally.
  • The ring master of the circus is callous towards everyone except the lion.
  • If you encounter a lot of people who need help from you. It’s only human to become callous.
  • When I invited her for a movie – her response was callous.

3. ABHOR: To hate, detest

  • Because of all the injuries he got while boxing, he started to abhor it.
  • Don’t promote abhorrence amongst kids, teach them important values like peace, love and integrity.
  • I abhor those people who don’t treat their girl child in a good way.
  • Killing of a girl embryo in womb is an abhorrent crime.
  • I abhor terrorism.

4. APPEASE: To calm, satisfy

  • When children cry, their mothers give them chocolates to appease them.
  • Our client was appeased with the work we did on the project.
  • My boss is appeased when I give him all the details on a new case in order.
  • He had to feed a bone to the dog to appease him after he left him alone at home yesterday.
  • Seema a heavenly beauty can appease anyone with her arresting smile.

5. SUCCINCT: Concise, terse, pithy

  • Can someone please give me a succinct summary of what not to do?
  • Yesterday I shared only succinct details of my work with the manager.
  • I share my personal information succinctly with my best friends only.
  • He delivered a succinct and a to the point presentation.
  • The lawyer advised their clients to be succinct in their response.


  • I entered the interviewers room with slight trepidation.
  • We waited for her exam results with trepidation.
  • I gave my first public speech with nervousness and trepidation.
  • You need to remove any trepidation that you might have.
  • It’s only natural to feel trepidation before a big event in your life.

7. UNRULY: Disobedient

  • Unruly behaviour is not acceptable in my school.
  • People with unruly behaviour can’t stand anywhere in the world.
  • Due to his unruly behaviour Manu will never get back in shape.
  • I received a complaint about your unruly behaviour.
  • To achieve success you have to be disciplined and leave your unruly behaviour.

8. SAGACIOUS: Sage like, wise

  • Its a sagacious idea to improve your vocabulary.
  • While there were difficult questions but Raj gave all the answers sagaciously.
  • This is the time to be sagacious and wait for the right time.
  • It’s sagacious to help the poor and homeless.
  • I agree that replacing old ways of teaching with online classes is good because it saves our time and money.

9. ALTRUISTIC: Unselfish, generous, concerned about the well being of others.

  • Mother Teresa was altruistic in the true sense of the word.
  • It was altruistic of Gautam Buddha to leave his kingdom and devote his life in helping others.
  • A dog is considered to be an altruistic animal because of his loyalty.
  • If you want to be happy in life then you need to help others and be altruistic.
  • He is so altruistic that he gives half of his earnings as charity.

10. AFFABLE: Friendly, personable, easy to get along with.

  • Companies these days are looking for affable executives so that they can get along with the clients well.
  • I found your parents affable and interesting unlike you told me.
  • We have to be affable in order to grow our social circle.
  • To increase the efficiency in office you need to train the employees to be affable.
  • My affable nature helps me to reduce stress and to be happy even in the worst situations.