•     bunny and minni

Bunny and Minni


Bunny, the rabbit and Minny, the monkey lived in the same jungle. Both were active lived in the same jungle. Both were active and smart animals. Each of them used to think that he was the best between the two. Bunny was intelligent while Minny was very quick and active. They were neighbours.

Bunny lived in the burrow of the same tree on which Minny used to live. Each one of them would try to prove himself smarter than the other.

One day, Bunny bought an expensive ring for his sister, Honey who lived in another jungle. He wanted to present this ring on her birthday the next week. While Bunny was coming out of the jewellery shop, Coby, the snake saw him. He also saw that Bunny was carrying an expensive ring in his hand. That very moment, Coby decided that he would steal the ring.

That night, Bunny was out for a walk after his dinner and Minny was sitting on the top branch of the tree. He saw something crawling towards the bottom of the tree. As he looked close, he saw that Coby was crawling quietly inside the Bunny was having a walk and told him all the matter. Bunny thought of an idea. He said something in Minny,s ear and both rushed to the burrow. Minny collected lots of mud and started filling Bunny’s burrow. Coby shouted from inside, “Stop! Stop throwing mud inside!” But Bunny and Minny kept on filling the burrow. After some time, Coby’s voice stopped coming. By then, many animals had gathered there and someone had also informed the jungle police inspector, the tiger. The tiger asked his men to take out the dead body of Coby. Bunny took out his ring and kept it safely in Minny’s house. Everyone in the jungle was happy to see Coby dead because he was a thief. The wise owl called both Minny and Bunny together and said, “Both of you have done a wonderful job. See how good it is to be helpful and friendly with one another.” Bunny also spoken up, “We will never fight with each other.”

Thus, Bunny and Minny became best friends forever.