Cute Little Heroes

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This is the story of a large and dense forest called Greenyland. There flowed a river from the middle of the jungle called Tiber. Once during the rainy season, a flood struck the jungle. The whole forest was in water. The condition was deteriorating day by day. Many animals got drowned, many got killed and many others were still trapped in deep water. Weeny, the owl was a very wise and helpful animal. He lived on the topmost branch of a large and strong tree. His home was safe from flood. One morning, he saw from his nest that the whole of the jungle was full of water. He thought, ‘I must do something to help my friends. They are in a great trouble and dying.’
Weeny called his other owl friends and told them about his plan. They also agreed to save the lives of animals. They took a large and strong rope and collected some food materials also. They started flying together in a group over the jungle. Wherever they found animals stuck in deep water, they pulled them out with the help of the long rope. Animals whose houses were broken or were full of water were given food.

After some days, the water level went down and animals started building their houses again. Weeny and his group again helped the animals in this work. Weeny started teaching the children of animals because their school had also broken down because of flood. Everyone was praising the owl team for their hard work and great help. Catty, the reporter of the jungle magazine wanted to take an interview of Weeny, She asked Weeny, “You and your team have done a great job by saving the lives of so many animals. How do you feel?” “I’m happy to save the lives of so many animals. They all are my friends.” King Lion announced that he will give a special bravery award to the owl team and Weeny would be given the title of ‘Hero’.

Everybody was happy and full of praises for Weeny and his friends and called them ‘Cute Little Heroes.’