Dirty Ted

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Ted is a ten-year old boy. He belongs to a very good family. His father is an engineer and his mother is a banker. Ted is their only son. He studies in a very good school. His parents buy him whatever he asks for. He has expensive clothes, shoes, books and lots of toys. But Ted has a very bad habit. He is always untidy. He does not like to take a bath daily. Many a times, he doesn’t even brush his teeth in the morning. His nails have grown long and full of dirt and germs. Ted’s father and mother always tell him to be neat and tidy, but Ted is very lazy to keep himself clean.

One day, Ted and his family were invited to his aunt’s house for dinner. While everyone was about to sit for dinner, Ted’s aunt said to Ted, “Ted, go and wash your hands. We are going to have dinner.” But Ted ignored his aunt and started eating dinner with dirty hands. Everybody was looking at his unclean hands. When the family returned back home, Ted’s mother said to him, “Ted it is very wrong to eat food with dirty hands. It is not good for health.” At this, Ted answered, “But I am alright, mom.” His mother kept on giving sermons but to no avail.

One day while Ted was in school, he felt a severe pain in his stomach. The school doctor gave him medicines also, but still Ted was in a great pain. The principal called Ted’s parents and he was taken to a hospital. After the check up, the doctor said to Ted and his parents, “There are lots of germs in his stomach. He has either eaten with dirty hands.” Ted was feeling very ashamed over himself. The doctor further said, “Ted, now you will be given a big injection everyday to ease your pain. You can neither play now nor you can eat tasty dishes for at least one month.” Ted was feeling very sad. He wished he had kept himself neat and clean. His parents also were very sad for him. Ted said to the doctor, “Doctor, I am sorry for not keeping myself clean. After I get cured of my stomach pain, I promise to keep my body clean and germs free.”

Thus, Ted learnt a lesson but only after suffering terribly.