Faithful Bruno

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Rohan was very upset today. The reason was a dog. Actually his father had brought a dog in the house to be kept as a pet. Rohan hated dogs. He never liked a dog, be it a grown up or a small puppy. On the other hand, everybody in Rohan’s home liked to keep a dog as a pet. The dog that his father had brought was a cute looking dog. Its name was Bruno. Bruno was looking curiously around. He was feeling strange in his new surroundings. Rohan’s sister, Nina was holding Bruno and was playing with its paws. She said to Rohan, “Come here, Rohan. See how cute he looks. Come and hold him.” At this, Rohan said, “I hate dogs and I hate this stupid Bruno also,” and ran out of the house. Rohan never would take Bruno out for walks. Whenever Bruno used to hold Rohan’s things in his mouth, Rohan used to shout a lot at the poor dog.

One day Rohan’s parents had to go out for a late night party. Rohan had his exam the next morning, so he stayed back at home for studying. Nina was also going with her parents to the party. Rohan’s father said to Rohan, “Rohan, you can study comfortably. Bruno will take care of you and the house.” Rohan laughed and said, “Oh c’mon dad. I know this stupid dog will trouble me a lot.” After Rohan’s family left for the party, Rohan sat down in his study. After about half an hour, Rohan heard some thumping sound outside. He put his books aside and got up to look. As he opened the main door, two thieves jumped at Rohan. Rohan got very scared. They were holding sharp knives in their hands. They tied Rohan’s hands and took him in the locker room. They knew that there were lots of jewellery and money kept in the locker. Just as one of the thieves was putting the key in the locker to open it, Bruno jumped on that thief from behind. He bit the thief’s hand so hard that he cried in pain. The knife fell from his hands. The thief sat down on the floor in pain. Then Bruno jumped at the second thief and bit him on his legs. The second thief set Rohan free and ran out of the house. His partner also followed him out of the house. Rohan immediately called up his parents on their cell phone and told them about everything. They came back at once and asked Rohan about the incident. Rohan told them about everything. He praised Bruno a lot and said, “Daddy, Bruno has done a commendable job. He saved me as well as our valuable things. I was wrong that dogs are useless creatures. They are very useful and brave, especially our Bruno.”

That day onwards, Bruno and Rohan became best friends.