Affirmative Negative Question
1 He will use all the material. He will not use all the material. Will he use all the material?
2 He will work for you. He will not work for you. Will he work for you?
3 He will call me twice. He will not call me twice. Will he call me twice?
4 He will try many times. He will not try many times. Will he try many times?
5 He will ask for it. He will not ask for it. Will he ask for it?
6 He will need it. He will not need it. Will he need it?
7 He will help a lot. He will not help a lot. Will he help a lot?
8 He will play many games. He will not play many games. Will he play many games?
9 She will move to a new city. She will not move to a new city. Will she move to a new city?
10 She will live far away. She will not live far away. Will she live far away?
11 She will believe in god. She will not believe in god. Will she believe in god?
12 She will include the results in the report. She will not include the results in the report. Will she include the results in the report?
13 She will continue to work. She will not continue to work. Will she continue to work?
14 She will change her name. She will not change her name. Will she change her name?
15 She will watch many movies. She will not watch many movies. Will she watch many movies?
16 She will follow the leader. She will not follow the leader. Will she follow the leader?
17 She will stop dancing. She will not stop dancing. Will she stop dancing?
18 It will create a mess. It will not create a mess. Will it create a mess?
19 It will open the pandora’s box. It will not open the pandora’s box. Will it open the pandora’s box?
20 It will walk for three miles. It will not walk for three miles. Will it walk for three miles?
21 It will offer me money. It will not offer me money. Will it offer me money?
22 It will remember everything. It will not remember everything. Will it remember everything?
23 It will be too late. It will not be too late. Will it be too late?
24 It will make me nervous. It will not make me nervous. Will it make me nervous?
25 It will go away. It will not go away. Will it go away?
26 It will take me 10 years. It will not take me 10 years. Will it take me 10 years?
27 Noah will come back. Noah will not come back. Will Noah come back?
28 Liam will see the files. Liam will not see the files. Will Liam see the files?
29 Mason will know for many years. Mason will not know for many years. Will Mason know for many years?
30 Jacob will get the tickets. Jacob will not get the tickets. Will Jacob get the tickets?
31 Mary will give the money to charity. Mary will not give the money to charity. Will Mary give the money to charity?
32 Patricia will find a flute. Patricia will not find a flute. Will Patricia find a flute?
33 Linda will think of it. Linda will not think of it. Will Linda think of it?
34 Barbara will tell me the truth. Barbara will not tell me the truth. Will Barbara tell me the truth?
35 Elizabeth will become very famous. Elizabeth will not become very famous. Will Elizabeth become very famous?
36 Jennifer will show her true colours. Jennifer will not show her true colours. Will Jennifer show her true colours?
37 Maria will leave the house. Maria will not leave the house. Will Maria leave the house?
38 Susan will feel pain. Susan will not feel pain. Will Susan feel pain?
39 Margret will put the vase on the table. Margret will not put the vase on the table. Will Margret put the vase on the table?
40 Dorothy will bring many presents. Dorothy will not bring many presents. Will Dorothy bring many presents?
41 The man will begin working. The man will not begin working. Will The man begin working?
42 The patient will write a note. The patient will not write a note. Will the patient write a note?
43 The building will stand here for decades. The building will not stand here for decades. Will the building stand here for decades?
44 The government will let the immigrants in. The government will not let the immigrants in. Will the government let the immigrants in?