One day three children named Ginny, Rohu and Bert were playing on a seashore. They were the children of a fisherman. Ginny was an eleven-year girl and Rohu and Bert were twin brothers of ten years. Bert was very naughty and curious. The children were playing with seashells and making sand castles. Just then Rohu told his siblings about the mermaid. All were surprised to see that she was half fish and half girl. The mermaid started searching for something in the sand. The children went to her. Ginny spoke first, “Hi! I’m Ginny. Who are you? Are you a mermaid?” The girl smiled at her and said, “Yes, dear, I am a mermaid. I live deep under the sea.” Bert asked her, “What are you looking for in the sand?” The mermaid replied, “I had lost my diamond ring last night. I am looking for it.” The children gave her the ring that they had found in the sand. The mermaid felt very happy and thanked the children. Rohu asked “How does it look deep under the sea?” “Oh! It’s great. Many beautiful animals and creatures live there,” replied the mermaid. Bert asked, “Will you take us there?” All the children requested together, “Yes, please take us there once.” The mermaid smiled and said, “Okay, be ready tonight. I’ll take you there and by morning, we will come back.”

That night all the three children met the mermaid at the seashore. The mermaid gave them a crystal ball and said that it will help them to breathe under the sea water. The mermaid and the children held each other’s hand tightly and went deep into the sea.

“It is so wonderful,” said Ginny excitedly. There were large number of fishes and other sea animals swimming around them. There were also huge rocks and sea weeds on the seabed. Suddenly Rohu shouted, “See, an octopus! It is coming towards us only.” All four of them took a sharp turn and escaped from the eight big hands of the octopus. The mermaid showed the children her beautiful castle where she lived. The children collected oysters full of pearls and beautiful shells. Their pockets were full of them. After spending many hours there, the mermaid said, “C’mon children, let’s go back. Your parents will worry if you don’t reach your house on time.”

The mermaid left the children on the shore near their home and went back to her castle. The children were very happy to see the sea life. They never told about their visit under the sea to anyone. They knew that no one would believe them.