Affirmative Negative Interrogative
1 He is in the garden. He is not in the garden. Is he in the garden?
2 He is in Delhi. He is not in Delhi. Is he in Delhi?
3 He is in a dream. He is not in a dream. Is he in a dream?
4 He is worse than her. He is not worse than her. Is he worse than her?
5 He is in a fight. He is not in a fight. Is he in a fight?
6 He is in heaven. He is not in heaven. Is he in heaven?
7 He is the god. He is not the god. Is he the god?
8 He is bored of this game. He is not bored of this game. Is he bored of this game?
9 She is happy for you. She is not happy for you. Is she happy for you?
10 She is helpless. She is not helpless. Is she helpless?
11 She is thirsty. She is not thirsty. Is she thirsty?
12 She is right about that. She is not rigth about that. Is she right about that?
13 She is an honest woman in a dishonest world. She is not an honest women in a dishonest world. Is she an honest women in a dishonest world?
14 She is your friend. She is not your friend. Is she your friend?
15 She is in trouble. She is not in trouble. Is she in trouble?
16 She is the same girl. She is not the same girl. Is she the same girl?
17 She is a smart girl. She is not a smart girl. Is she a smart girl?
18 She is more beautiful than her. She is not more beautiful than her. Is she more beautiful than her?
19 It is always early for me. It is not always early for me. Is it always early for me?
20 It is a fast car. It is not a fast car. Is it a fast car?
21 It is the best phone that I have ever used. It is not the best phone that I have ever used. Is it the best phone that I have ever used?
22 It is a new start for you. It is not a new start for you. Is it a new start for you?
23 It is a very bad situation. It is not a very bad situation. Is it a very bad situation?
24 It is a wonderful feeling It is not a wonderful feeling. Is it a wonderful feeling?
25 It is always one step ahead of you. It is not always one step ahead of you. Is it always one step ahead of you?
26 John is a great athlete. John is not a great athlete. Is john a great athlete?
27 Jimmy is my best friend. Jimmy is not my best friend. Is jimmy my best friend?
28 David is a hardworking person. David is not a hardworking person. Is David a hardworking person?
29 Ashish is always on time. Ashish is not always on time. Is Ashish always on time?
30 The train is full of passengers. The train is not full of passengers. Is the train full of passengers?
31 The pessenger is sleeping. The passenger is not sleeping. Is the passenger sleeping?
32 My father is punctual. My father is not punctual. Is my father puctual?
33 The shoe is torn. The shoe is not torn. Is the shoe torn?
34 The new phone is big enough for me. The new phone is not big enough for me. Is the new phone big enough for me?
35 Mary is angry at you. Mary is not angry at you. Is Mary angry at you?
36 Stella is busy. Stella is not busy. Is Stella busy?
37 Your mind is full of questions. Your mind is not full of questions. Is your mind full of questions?
38 The Crowd is getting impatient. The Crowd is not getting impatient. Is the Crowd getting impatient?
39 The meeting is about to be over. The meeting is not about to be over. Is the meeting about to be over?
40 This English class is informative. This English class is not informative. Is this English class informative?
41 This car is automatic. This car is not automatic. Is this car automatic?
42 Only the pilot is responsible for the safe landing. Only the pilot is not responsible for the safe landing. Is only the pilot responsible for the safe landing?
43 The painting is beautiful. The painting is not beautiful. Is the painting beautiful?
44 The ocean is blue in colour. The ocean is not blue in colour. Is the ocean blue in colour?
45 Our destination is near. Our destination is not near. Is our destination near?
46 The time is short. The time is not short. Is the time short?
47 Life is full of mysteries. Life is not full of mysteries. Is life full of mysteries?
48 Batman is my favourite comic character. Batman is not my favourite comic character. Is batman my favoourite comic character?
49 The game of football is good for health. The game of football is not good for health. Is the game of football good for health?
50 Johnny is a big man now. Johnny is not a big man now. Is Johnny a big man now?