Jimmy studies in fourth grade. He loves to read stories, but his mother dislikes this hobby. She always scolds him, “Jimmy, why do you waste your time by reading these useless books?” She wants Jimmy to learn drawing and painting in his free time.

But Jimmy’s problems do not end here only. While his mother wants him to learn painting in his free time, his father wants him to learn painting in his free time, his father wants him to learn cricket, his grandfather wants him to learn playing Casio, and his grandmother wants him to learn dancing. Poor Jimmy, Just imagine his condition. Jimmy gets too much tired because everyday after school, he has to attend so many hobby classes. One day, Jimmy asked his father that why he has to learn so many things. His father replied, “We want you to be the best amongst your friends. Have you seen Rohan? He plays cricket so well. And Mohit, he is so good at drawing and painting. We want you to learn dancing and music also so that you can give some stage programs once you grow up and make your family proud of yourself.”

Jimmy was not at all happy the way he used to spend his day. All the time he felt very tired and bored. One day, Jimmy saw his friends playing happily in the park. Jimmy went to his home and asked his mother, “Mom, can I go and play for sometime with my friends in the park?” At this, his mother replied, “But how is that possible? Have you forgotten that you have to go for your swimming classes after half an hour?”

“But mom, all my friends are playing and having fun. I also want to go and enjoy with them. Please mom, just let me go for today,” pleaded Jimmy.

“Oh c’mon, Jimmy, I don’t want you to waste your time like those stupid kids. Hurry up! Have your lunch and take some rest before you rush for your swimming classes,” said mother angrily. Jimmy felt very sad.

“Jimmy…. Jimmy…. where are you? Hurry up. It’s the time to go to school,” shouted his mother from the kitchen the next morning. But there was no reply from Jimmy. Just then, Jimmy’s father found a letter kept on Jimmy’s study table. He was shocked and sad after reading the letter. He showed it to Jimmy’s mother also. The letter read as…. “I am going away. I am fed up with everything. I can’t even go out to play with my friends. I can’t bear it anymore. Bye.”

The whole family was shocked to learn that Jimmy has run away from home. Jimmy’s mother and grandmother cried a lot. Jimmy’s father informed the local police that their son was missing. Police was trying to find Jimmy. “Tring… Tring…” the phone rang. “Hello… yes, OK. We are reaching there in five minutes.” Police had seen a boy playing in a nearby park. They wanted Jimmy’s parents to come and see whether he was Jimmy or someone else. Jimmy’s parents rushed to the police station.

“Hey! Take this and catch… Ha Ha Ha…” shouted Jimmy happily.

Jimmy was playing in the park with some boys of his own age. He seemed very happy.

“Jimmy! Jimmy! Where were you my child?” said the mother rushing towards Jimmy. “Mom! Dad! See all these are my friends. We are playing together here,” smiled Jimmy. Suddenly, he became sad. He said, “Have you come to take me back? Please don’t. I don’t want to go back home. It looks like a prison to me.” Jimmy started crying. The mother hugged Jimmy and said to him lovingly, “Jimmy, we are sorry. We have realized that we were wrong. Please excuse us son. Let’s go home together.”

Do you promise that from now on you will let me play whenever I want?” asked Jimmy.

“Yes, son, we promise to you by heart,” said his mother and father together.

“It is such a great fun to play!” said Jimmy.

Jimmy was never sad again. He not only played whenever he wanted but also scored very good marks in his school exams.

Everybody was happy now.