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This is the story of a young and little tiger cub. Its name was Ferry. Ferry loved to play games with his friends. One fine morning, Ferry was jumping and playing alone near a pond. Ferry’s two friends were standing on a bridge built over the pond. They were Tibby, the cat and Momo, the monkey. Ferry went to them and said, “Hello friends, how are you? What are you doing?” Tibby replied, “We are going to play a game called ‘Throw the sticks’. Will you play with us?” Ferry said, “Yes, I will play with you. But what do I have to do?” Momo said, “You have to get a stick and throw it in the pond. The player whose stick passes under the bridge first will win.”

All the three friends collected sticks and got ready to play. They threw their sticks into the water together. The friends watched the sticks carefully as they started floating to move under the bridge. The three friends rushed to watch from the other side of the bridge. Momo clapped his hands and shouted happily, “I can see my stick. It is in the middle.” Tibby said merrily, “And mine is going to win!” Ferry was sad and quiet because his stick was last in the race. Ferry didn’t like losing the game. They decided to play again. Just like the first time, Momo won the stick race again and Ferry came last.

Ferry was getting angry and was grumbling. He rudely said to his friends, “I don’t like losing. Let’s play again.” But bad luck for Ferry. Tibby won the next two games also and Momo won one game. Ferry was so angry over losing the games that he started jumping here and there. Every time he lost the game, he walked away with his head down. Seeing him so upset, Momo  whispered in his ear, “I’ll tell you the secret. You have to throw your stick into water in a tricky manner,” and Momo showed him how. Knowing this, Ferry’s eyes lit up and he tried again. “Wow! See my stick! It is far ahead of the other two,” said Ferry smilingly. His eyes were shining with happiness. Now whenever Ferry played the game ‘Throw Sticks’ with his other friends, he threw his sticks in the same tricky manner and always won the game. This made Ferry feel happy.