Affirmative Negative Question
1 I was using all the material. I was not using all the material. Was I using all the material?
2 I was working for you. I was not working for you. Was I working for you?
3 I was calling you twice everyday. I was not calling you twice everyday. Was I calling you twice everyday?
4 I was trying hard. I was not trying hard. Was I trying hard?
5 I was asking for it. I was not asking for it. Was I asking for it?
6 We were needing it. We were not needing it. Were we needing it?
7 We were helping a lot. We were not helping a lot. Were we helping a lot?
8 We were playing many games. We were not playing many games. Were we playing many games?
9 We were moving to a new city. We were not moving to a new city. Were we moving to a new city?
10 We were living far away. We were not living far away. Were we living far away?
11 We were beleiving in god since childhood. We were not beleiving in god since childhood. Were we beleiving in god since childhood?
12 You were including the results in the report. You were not including the results in the report. Were you including the results in the report?
13 You were contining to work. You were not contining to work. Were you contining to work?
14 You were changing you name. You were not changing you name. Were you changing you name?
15 You were watching many movies. You were not watching many movies. Were you watching many movies?
16 You were following the leader since the very beginning. You were not following the leader since the very beginning. Were you following the leader since the very beginning?
17 You were dancing in the school. You were not dancing in the school. Were you dancing in the school?
18 You were creating a mess. You were not creating a mess. Were you creating a mess?
19 You were opening the Pandora’s box. You were not opening the Pandora’s box. Were you opening the Pandora’s box?
20 They were walking for three miles. They were not walking for three miles. Were they walking for three miles?
21 They were offering me money. They were not offering me money. Were they offering me money?
22 They were remembering everything. They were not remembering everything. Were they remembering everything?
23 They were happening too late. They were not happening too late. Were they happening too late?
24 They were making me nervous. They were not making me nervous. Were they making me nervous?
25 They were going away. They were not going away. Were they going away?
26 They were taking 10 years. They were not taking 10 years. Were they taking 10 years?
27 Noah and Jaden were coming back. Noah and Jaden were not coming back. Were Noah and Jaden coming back?
28 The officers were seeing the files. The officers were not seeing the files. Were the officers seeing the files?
29 People were knowing for many years. People were not knowing for many years. Were people knowing for many years?
30 My friends were getting the tickets. My friends were not getting the tickets. Were my friends getting the tickets?
31 Businessmen were giving the money to charity. Businessmen were not giving the money to charity. Were Businessmen giving the money to charity?
32 Musicians were finding a flute. Musicians were not finding a flute. Were Musicians finding a flute?
33 Players were thinking of it. Players were not thinking of it. Were players thinking of it?
34 Doctors were telling me the truth. Doctors were not telling me the truth. Were doctors telling me the truth?
35 Artists were becoming very famous. Artists were not becoming very famous. Were artists becoming very famous?
36 Companies were showing their true colours. Companies were not showing their true colours. Were companies showing their true colours?
37 Guests were showing the house. Guests were not showing the house. Were guests showing the house?
38 The plants were feeling the pain. The plants were not feeling the pain. Were the plants feeling the pain?
39 The servants were putting the vase on the table. The servants were not putting the vase on the table. Were the servants putting the vase on the table?
40 My brothers were bringing many presents. My brothers were not bringing many presents. Were my brothers bringing many presents?
41 The men were working. The men were not working. Were the men working?
42 The patients were writing notes. The patients were not writing notes. Were the patients writing notes?
43 The buildings were standing here for decades. The buildings were not standing here for decades. Were the buildings standing here for decades?
44 The governments were letting the immigrants in. The governments were not letting the immigrants in. Were the governments letting the immigrants in?