Affirmative Negative Question
1 You were welcome. You were not welcome. Were you welcome?
2 You were thinking about her. You were not thinking about her. Were you thinking about her?
3 You were the best person for the job. You were not the best person for the job. Were you the best person for the job?
4 You were a genius. You were not a genius. Were you a genius?
5 You were afraid of ghosts. You were not afraid of ghosts. Were you afraid of ghosts?
6 You were at my house. You were not at my house. Were you at my house?
7 You were making a mess. You were not making a mess. Were you making a mess?
8 You were impossible. You were not impossible. Were you impossible?
9 We were excited to meet you. We were not excited to meet you. Were we excited to meet you?
10 We were in excellent hands. We were not in excellent hands. Were we in excellent hands?
11 We were strong together. We were not strong together. Were we strong together?
12 We were the backbone of the society. We were not the backbone of the society. Were we the backbone of the society?
13 We were here for you. We were not here for you. Were we here for you?
14 We were at the cinema. We were not at the cinema. Were we at the cinema?
15 We were your biggest fans. We were not your biggest fans. Were we your biggest fans?
16 We were impressed by you. We were not impressed by you. Were we impressed by you?
17 They were indifferent to you. They were not indifferent to you. Were they indifferent to you?
18 They were children of god. They were not children of god. Were they children of god?
19 They were the most successful people in our country. They were not the most successful people in our country. Were they the most successful people in our country?
20 They were powerful people. They were not powerful people. Were they powerful people?
21 They were educated. They were not educated. Were they educated?
22 They were in trouble now. They were not in trouble now. Were they in trouble now?
23 They were human. They were not human. Were they human?
24 They were majestic. They were not majestic. Were they majestic?
25 They were helpful. They were not helpful. Were they helpful?
26 The stars were very bright. The stars were not very bright. Were the stars very bright?
27 The oceans were very deep. The oceans were not very deep. Were the oceans very deep?
28 The planes were white in colour. The planes were not white in colour. Were the planes white in colour?
29 The toys in the store were very expensive. The toys in the store were not very expensive. Were the toys in the store very expensive?
30 The boys were full of life. The boys were not full of life. Were the boys full of life?
31 The girls were cheerful. The girls were not cheerful. Were the girls cheerful?
32 The teachers were knowledgeable. The teachers were not knowledgeable. Were the teachers knowledgeable?
33 Cricket matches were boring. Cricket matches were not boring. Were cricket matches boring?
34 People were patient with him. People were not patient with him. Were people patient with him?
35 Patients were in the hospital. Patients were not in the hospital. Were patients in the hospital?
36 Soldiers were on the border. Soldiers were not on the border. Were soldiers on the border?
37 Clothes were in the closet. Clothes were not in the closet. Were the clothes in the closet?
38 The brothers were in their house. The brothers were not in their house. Were the brothers in their house?
39 These games were time consuming. These games were not time consuming. Were these games time consuming?
40 The restaurants were in the next building. The restaurants were not in the next building. Were the restaurants in the next building?