Phrasal Verbs 3

APPLY FOR: Make a formal request for something (a job, a permit, a loan etc.)

  • He applied for the job advertised.
  • Why don’t you apply for a loan?
  • I’m going to apply for several Govt. jobs.
  • He applied for a leave of 20 days which was accepted by the company.
  • It’s high time you apply for a driver’s licence.

ARRIVE AT: Reach (An agreement, a decision, a conclusion)

  • Im hoping they will arrive at an agreement at the end of the meeting.
  • The MD asked the team members to arrive at a conclusion.
  • Finally all the umpires arrived at the conclusion that it was a not out.
  • Atlast Thomas arrived at a decision that he will not play basketball anymore.
  • “Do you want to arrive at a conclusion or just argue and kill everyone’s time ?”- asked the CEO of the company.

ASK AFTER: Enquire about someone’s well being.

  • My mother is always asking after you.
  • Everyone asked after Mr. Vajpayee’s health after he had undergone a surgery.
  • “Uncle called and was asking after you”- said my father to me.
  • Its a goodwill gesture to ask after anyone after he undergoes some surgery or operation.
  • The doctor asked after my grandfather when I met him on the road.

ASK AROUND: Mention it to someone you see or meet.

  • I’ll ask around if someone has seen your cat.
  • He asked around if anyone knew the address.
  • Scared mom was asking around for her baby when she did not find her in the room.
  • The teacher requested me to go and ask around if anyone was interested in the dance competition.
  • “Why don’t you go and ask around if anyone is interested in playing rugby?” said my father to me.ASK IN: Invite someone to come in
  • I couldn’t leave her standing outside in the cold so I asked her in.
    After making us wait for two hours, the inspector finally asked us in.
  • The teacher asked us in as she wanted us to inform students about inter college football meet.
  • I asked him in and have some snacks as he was waiting for his parents downstairs all by himself for the past hour.
  • His mother asked me in as he was sleeping.

ASK OUT: Invite someone to lunch, dinner, cinema.

  • John has asked Mary out several times.
  • After asking him out for the first time, i came to know how awesome he was.
  • We should ask our friends out for a weekend trip.
  • Ronald asked me out many times for a movie but i could not go.
  • After a week’s busy schedule, i felt so relieved when my friend’s asked me out for a movie.

AVAIL (oneself) of: Take advantage of something ( an opportunity)

  • When the company is privatised you should avail of the opportunity and buy some shares.
  • When you work for a company, you should avail of all the benefits it gives to its workers.
  • He availed of his dad’s BMW, when his dad was not in town.
  • Since he was out of cash, he availed of the facility of a credit card.
  • The plane crashed, but the pilot avail the facility of ‘EJECT OUT’ button and saved his life.

AVERAGE OUT AT: Result in an average (amount)

  • The price of the lunch averages out at Rs.100 per person.
  • The total cost of flats average out at 40 lacs/flat.
  • Section B students have got highest of marks, but because of more no. of failures in the same class,the overall result averages out to be only 60%.
  • The trip had some hard times, but the good times averaged out and made it fun overall.
  • The overall cost of trip averages out to be Rs.3000/head inclusive of food and travel charges.

BACK AWAY: Move backwards, in fear or dislike

  • When he saw the dog, he backed away.
  • We should never back away from a decision once we have made it.
  • He backed away from the task assigned to him, which made him face humiliation at the office.
  • When the person met an accident and fell down, everyone backed away but Ravi picked him up and took him to the hospital.
  • Facing a challenge and losing is better then backing away just by looking at it.

BACK DOWN: Withdraw, concede defeat

  • Local authorities backed down on their plans to demolish the cinema.
  • In world war 2, Japan backed down after nuclear weapons were dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • The local cricket team backed down after they came to know that the umpire is not neutral to both the teams.
  • Rajesh backed down from the plan to purchase the flat in delhi after he came to know about the controversies going on for that.
  • To back down in wrestling, is a signed of coward.