Phrasal Verbs 4

BACK OFF: Retreat, abandon an intention

  • The thugs backed off when they saw the police.
  • Even after knowing that there’s a terrorist threat, the president didn’t back off from the trip
  • You should back off and let me handle it.
  • Please back off, you don’t want to fight with me.
  • He wanted to resign but backed off at the last moment.

BAILOUT: To escape from the predicament, or to help someone escape a situation.

  • When he was arrested his family refused to bail him out.
  • Government paid a lot of bailout money to banks when they went bankrupt.
  • I bailed him out of many nasty situations.
  • He wasn’t afraid because he knew that his brother will bail him out of any situation.
  • When I was in trouble with the police nobody bailed me out.

BAND TOGETHER: Unite in a group

  • The consumers band together to protest against the measures.
  • The whole city bands together for a noble cause.
  • The artists band together for a new album.
  • The workers band together whenever the union asks them to.
  • All the countries band together to stop pollution.

BANK ON: Base your hopes on something or someone.

  • I’ll try to help you, but don’t bank on it.
  • Don’t bank on anyone but yourself.
  • These days you can’t bank on the government to bail you out.
  • People generally are good, but you can’t bank on them.
  • He is a liar, you can’t bank on him.

BARGAIN FOR: Expect, Be prepared for

  • The interview was more difficult than he had bargained for.
  • The share markets have fallen down too much as compared to what everyone bargain for.
  • He bargain for scoring above 90% marks whereas he could just score 60%.
  • Hope for the best but bargain for the worst.
  • He was bargaining for a transfer soon, which he got as he reached the office next day.

BEAR OUT: Confirm

  • The other witnesses will bear my testimony out.
  • Statistics bear out the government’s’ position  on the issue.
  • I always said – and Rick would bear me out – that this wouldn’t work.
  • Scientific evidence bears out the claim that stress and diseases are linked.
  • The stories and claims were born out by the evidence.

BEAR WITH: Be patient.

  • Please bear with me while I finish my explanation.
  • The lecture was so boring but we all had to bear with it..
  • Sometimes we just have to bear with what others say just for the sake of not being impolite.
  • Please bear with him as he is a bit upset today.
  • The organizer of the show apologized and requested the crowd to bear with him as the star of the show was late.

BEEF UP: Improve or make more substantial.

  • He beefed up his presentation with diagrams and statistics.
  • The company beefed up their products by adding great new features to them.
  • Vivek beefed up his performance in school by proper time management.
  • The CEO asked Brian to beef up his sales.
  • India beefed up its military strength.

BLACK OUT: Faint, lose consciousness

  • When he fell off the horse, he blacked out.
  • He blacked out, when he heard that his grandfather passed away.
  • You black out when you drink too much alcohol.
  • John blacked out when the football hit him in the head.
  • I think she will black out after hearing this great news.

BLOCK OFF:  Separate using a barrier.

  • The area was blocked off using a barrier.
  • Kashmir gets blocked off from the rest of India during winters by snow.
  • The area was blocked off by police using a barricade when they got the news of terrorists inside it.
  • The truck lost control, flipped and blocked off the road.
  • The train derailed and blocked off the whole track.