Phrasal Verbs 5

BLOW UP: Explode

  • The tourists said that the bomb would blow up at 9 o’ clock
  • Richard’s dad was blowing up with anger when he came to know of his results.
  • The bomb detection squad found out the bomb and diffused it before it could blow up.
  • The patient always complained of severe headache which he felt would blow up his mind.
  • The bomb blew up in the market yesterday and killed 27 people.

BOIL DOWN TO: Be summarized as

  • The problem boils down to the lack of money.
  • All your problems boil down to your laziness.
  • All the problem in the car boils down to manufacturer’s negligence.
  • Our defeat in Football match boils down to the lack of coordination between the players.
  • The reasons for failure boils down to the lack of interest in the team of engineers.

BREAKAWAY: Escape from captivity

  • A few horses broke away from the paddock.
  • Four thieves broke away from central jail yesterday.
  • The Parrot broke away from the bars as soon as it got a chance to do so.
  • Four girls who broke away from human trafficking racket, informed the police and helped others to break away from it.
  • The boys who were arrested by the cops last night, broke away this morning.

BREAK INTO: Enter by force

  • The burglars broke into the house around midnight.
  • The police broke into thieve’s house and arrested him.
  • The boys broke into the playground which was restricted for them and played football.
  • The student’s union members broke into Vice Chancellor’s office stating their demands.
  • The dacoits broke into the bank and took all the cash from it.

BREAK DOWN: Go out of order, cease to function

  • Joe’s car broke down on the way to the airport.
  • The refrigerator broke down which caused us a lot of problem.
  • I called the customer care and complained them of geyser which broke down last evening.
  • We must get our car or bike serviced at regular intervals to prevent chances of breakdown.
  • The sudden break down of all the computers at the airport created a situation of havoc for sometime.

BREAK DOWN: Lose control of one’s emotions

  • The parents broke down when they heard the bad news.
  • He broke down after he saw a man lying dead on road after the accident.
  • The president of USA broke down into tears as he heard the news of WTC attack.
  • Ravish’s mother broke down and fainted as she heard of her son’s plane being hijacked by terrorists.
  • He broke down in his retirement party as he retired after fifty years of service to the nation.

BREAK OFF: Stop, discontinue

  • It was decided to break off diplomatic relations with that country.
  • Instead of breaking off, we decided to conquer the Himalayas even after severe snowfall and we succeeded.
  • We decided to break off the match as mom called us for lunch.
  • We decided to break off from him as he didn’t respect his elders.
  • We broke off because of silly reasons..

BREAK OFF: Stop speaking

  • She broke off in the middle of a sentence.
  • The teammates interrupted the leader as she broke off for a second.
  • He broke off many times with tears in his eyes during his interview.
  • Linda broke off realising that she was wrong.
  • People would break off their conversations, when she came into the room.

BREAK OUT: Start suddenly

  • Rioting broke out as a result of the strike.
  • The gathering broke out as a crowd when someone rumoured of the bomb.
  • The fire broke out in their house during the party.
  • A riot breaks out every time there is a disagreement.
  • The family broke out crying as they heard of death of their head.

BREAK OUT OF: Escape from a place by force.

  • Three prisoners broke out of jail.
  • Can you break out of this place ?
  • He broke out of his house at night,when his parents were asleep.
  • The leopard broke out of his cage, which is a matter of concern for the villagers now.
  • The volcano, which broke out last week is still throwing molten lava outside.