Phrasal Verbs 6

BREAK UP: Come to an end (a marriage or a relationship)

  • After her marriage broke up, Emma went to live in London.
  • She was shattered after she broke up.
  • We broke up our contract with the company after they raised their charges.
  • People who commit suicide after break up are the weakest of all.
  • After the death of the owner, the company broke up into two parts.

BRING OFF: Succeed in doing something difficult.

  • You pretended to be a journalist and he believed you? I never thought that you could bring that off.
  • He said that he will crack the IIT exams and he brought that off.
  • For her to bring off that kind of change in her behaviour was impossible.
  • Building a bridge on a river during flood – only the ARMY could bring that off.
  • You’ll have to practice a lot, to bring off a permanent change in the way you talk.

BRING UP: Raise (a child)

  • She stopped working in order to bring up her children.
  • The parents work day and night to bring up their children and hence deserve love and respect in their old age.
  • The pains and efforts which she has taken to bring up her child is exemplary.
  • The character of someone is decided by the way he is brought up.
  • Even though he was brought up in a bad environment, he still succeeded because of his perseverance.

BRING UP: Mention something

  • His friends knew he had lost his job but they decided not to bring up the subject.
  • Kevin’s father got angry when he brought up the subject of buying a new car.
  • Paul was afraid of being punished as he did not do the homework but no one brought up this topic in the class and he was saved.
  • Politicians are usually speechless when you bring up the real issues to them.
  • The teacher brought up the issue of discipline in class when he saw half the class bunking.

BRUSH UP ON: Improve, refresh one’s knowledge of something.

  • Mary decided to brush up on her spanish before going to South America.
  • We should regularly brush up our knowledge from books so as to keep them in our memory.
  • He brushed up on all his weak points before going for an interview.
  • Can you please brush up on the topic before going for exams.
  • I brushed up on the lesson I learned when I was traveling.   

BUMP INTO: Meet by accident or unexpectedly.

  • Pedro bumped into his English teacher at the supermarket.
  • George bumped into his maths teacher just after bunking the class.
  • I bump into my friends everytime I visit the mall.
  • I usually bump into people whom i never want to meet.
  • I bumped into him after 20 years when i was on a trip to Manali.

BURN OUT: Become exhausted by overworking

  • Tom will burn himself out if he doesn’t slow down.
  • The car’s engine burnt out after running continuously for 1000 kms.
  • Bishop was so diligent that even after working for hours, he never burnt out.
  • A leopard can burn out if he runs for more than 25 seconds at his top speed.
  • The television burnt out as it was on since 23 hours.

BUTT IN: Interrupt impolitely.

  • It’s rude to butt in on a conversation.
  • Cristopher had a very bad habit of butting in every conversation for which he was scolded many times.
  • We never liked Sunny as he always butts in all our talks.
  • People try to ignore those who do nothing except butting in on other’s talks.
  • To butt in when others are having a conversation is a sign of disrespect and should be avoided.

CALL BACK: Return a phone call.

  • I’ll call you back as soon as possible.
  • I have left a message for a call back as Mr Sharma was not in Delhi.
  • Can you please call me back when you are free ?
  • I’m busy now. I’ll call u back once i am free.
  • I expected a call back from him as he didn’t pick my phone call.

CALL OFF: Cancel

  • The meeting was called off because of the strike
  • The hunger strike was called off as the Govt. agreed to the demands of the people.
  • Let’s call off all the meetings for the day as he is too busy.
  • I asked him to call off the plan to Shillong as he was not well.
  • The Govt. of India decided to call off all the talks with Pakistan.