•     pharses-4

1.       What the hell happened here.
2.       Don’t you have insurance.
3.       Are you okay?
4.       You wanted to see a bit of real India, here it is.
5.       And here is real America, son.
6.       He is looking at the camera.
7.       He hasn’t got a clue.
8.       He is gonna play with him first.
9.       In your line of work.
10.   The minimum tip for my services.
11.   Now I know why my cell phone bills are so high.
12.   I don’t know.
13.   I’ve heard of him.
14.   Don’t get clever.
15.   They didn’t ask me that question.
16.   Why can’t you understand?
17.   I am sick of this now.
18.   A girl lived here
19.   As tall as me perhaps.
20.   Her name was latika.
21.   I don’t know anyone by that name.
22.   I don’t know why. ask them.
23.   Its funny.
24.   You don’t seem that interested in money.
25.   As a matter of fact.
26.   Bombay had turned into Mumbai.
27.   I am going to the hotel.
28.   Wanna come?
29.   For god’s sake.
30.   You have got some disease.
31.   You forced me back to this hell.
32.   We leave our friends, a good life, loads of money. For this?
33.   We came back to find her.
34.   I don’t give a damn about her.
35.   Plenty of money in Bombay for Salim.
36.   You should come back on Saturday night.
37.   There are nineteen million people in this city.
38.   Forget about her. She is history.
39.   What’s on this note?
40.   I wasn’t so lucky.
41.   That’s the only difference.
42.   He never forgets.
43. She is alive. Isn’t she?
44. More than alive.
45. She is on pila street. They call her cherry.
46. I’ll be singing at your funeral.
47. So, is it her or not?
48. She is beautiful, man.
49. What’s on this note?
50. Whose picture is it?