•     phrases - 5


1. There’s an old man.
2. So, you are a big guy now.
3. I am happy for you.
4. You got saved, my friend.
5. Who is this?
6. I’ll get the bag.
7. Who are you?
8. What do you want?
9. You stupid boys.
10. Pack it in.
11. What are you doing?
12. How did you find me?
13. Get out, if you can.
14. Take the cash.
15. Come on, we gotta go.
16. Look who we have here.
17. Never forget a face.
18. You really thought that you could just walk in.
19. Do you have any idea, how much it is worth.
20. Get them out of here.
21. Get over there.
22. Lets not be foolish.
23. It is heavy.
24. Give it to me.
25. You can have money.
26. Take it and go.
27. Disappear with your friend and we will forget about this.
28. Isn’t that right?
29. I can make an lxception.
30. I can’t take that risk.
31. Let’s go.
32. We will stay.
33. Who invented the revolwr?
34. You are on a dream run.
35. My heart says that you are gonna win more.
36. I was right.
37. He has done it again
38. This is incredible.
39. I have found something.
40. Stay there and look away.
41. I know if you are looking.
42. No, I am not looking.
43. Is he still there?
44. Where is her?
45. I don’t know.
46. You are a sweet boy.
47. I am looking for John.
48. But John is not looking for you.
49. I’ve killed Peter and I’ll kill you too.
50. Did you really kill him?